Index of Recipes

Brussels sprouts with hazelnuts and brown butter
Carrot tartlets with vanilla salt
Celeriac and celery leaf soup 
Clear tomato soup, chilled
Cucumber and borage salad
Fennel, pea and pear salad
Panzanella (Italian stale bread salad)
Pasta all'amatriciana (spicy tomato and cured ham sauce)
Procsciutto wrapped roast pumpkin 
Red wine braised red cabbage
Sausage rolls
Turkey and nectarine salad

Feathers: Fowl
Chicken and cashew curry
Chicken cacciatore
Chicken, mushroom and corn pie
Chicken roasted with olives, tomatoes and capers
Indonesian chicken and ginger soup (sop ayam)
Orange and fennel glazed chicken
Pan seared oven roasted duck breasts
Poached chicken

On all fours: Beef, Lamb and Pork
Crumbed veal with white wine sauce
Lamb tagine
Oxtail ravioli with tomato consomme
Spicy lamb kofta with chickpeas and yoghurt
Veal with rose sauce and capers

Wet: Seafood
Crab and green-tea salt salad
Calamari stuffed with pea and lemon risotto
Chilli mussels
Moreton bay bugs with buerre blanc sauce
Mussels in white wine sauce
Salt cod fritters
Seafood chowder
Smoked salmon salad
Squid-ink pasta with seafood and tomato sauce
Steamed trout and orange salad

Dirty: Vegetarian
Balsamic roast mushrooms
Braised artichoke pasta
Chickpeas in yoghurt and garlic
Chickpeas with silverbeet, garlic and onion
Mushroom and leek risotto
Panzanella (Italian stale bread salad)
Poached eggs
Red wine braised red cabbage
Sauted chard and steamed tiny cauliflower
Scrambled tofu
Spinach and cabbage calzone
Warm bean salad

Saucy: Condiments and sauces
Green tomato sauce
Quince paste
Raspberry and balsamic vinaigrette

The Sweetest Thing: Desserts and baking
Apple crumble
Portuguese custard tarts
Rough puff pastry 
Siena Cake (chocolate panforte)
Yoghurt muffins